Upcoming Shows


Pape & Danforth Public Library - July 2012

Art For All Canada (AFAC) (Toronto)

Art Around the Market - Sat. June 23 & Sat. July 28 2012, 9am - 5pm, Toronto (in Berczy Park, east of Scott, west of the Flatiron Building, between Front & Wellington)

Colour & Form Society (juried)

Biennial Open Group Exhibition @ (The Papermill Gallery, Todmorden Creative Centre, Toronto) - May 15 - June 18, 2012

About the Artist

I am a Torontonian painter, mostly self-taught.  I also enjoy anything where I am creating:  cooking, photography, & music compilations.   I live in the Upper Beach with my partner and our miniature Schnauzer, Ella.  Our human daughter is doing art history at UBC.

Most of my paintings stem from my love of landscapes and the positive and negative space found in ordinary things such as a stand of trees against a sky, or the relationship that colour plays in our urban evironment.  I believe in letting the artist imagine the story that goes with the painting, to feel the sunlight, the air, the smells in the scene, and all the emotions they evoke that lead to our own unique interpretation of the pieces.

My first love was photography, and many of my paintings are inspired by photos I have taken.

I hope you enjoy my work, as I immensely enjoy the creative process.